Our Swimming Pool

In the gardens of La Ripa, rustic wooden steps lead down to the kidney shaped pool.
Beatiful in itself, it is made even more so by its gorgeous setting, nestling on a grassy slope with vines and umbrella pines above and a necklace of mature woods below.
Situated at the side of the pool there is an extensive lovely paved area ideal for relaxing and sunbathing. The farmhouse offers sunbeds with umbrellas for their guests to enjoy while using the pool.

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Tuscany State Law N.8 dated March 9th 2006

  • Maximum capacity of the pool (maximum limit of bathers contemporarily present): 20.
  • Max depth: please read on the pavement of the pool (140 cm).
  • It is forbidden to dive (or jump in bomb style), since there is no adequate equipment (diving board).
  • We highly recommend not to bath less than 3 hours after meals.
  • Please use clogs or rubber sandals where you can walk bare foot.
  • It is mandatory to make a shower and soak your feet before entering the pool.
  • Small children may enter the pool only if they are wearing adequate water proof diapers.
  • It is forbidden to enter the pool to those people that present wounds, abrasions, cuts or skin alterations of suspicious infective nature (dermatitis, mycosis, or warts).
  • Daily operating schedule of the pool: 8:00 opening 20:00 closing
  • Please note that there are no beach boys nor anybody assisting the bathers.
  • It is forbidden for youngsters ages 12 or less to use the pool, unless accompanied by their parents.

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